Six Degrees of Unity is a Non-Profit Production Company with focus on mental health and a mission to raise health awareness through community events! These events are alcohol free, family-based events. We serve as a platform for all genres of music, cutting-edge independent films and leading health education; we seek to better the future of our world. Come join Six Degrees of Unity at the 87th Green River Rendezvous Days, street fair, trader’s row, parade, rodeo, and more!
Six Degrees of Unity has worked with artists such as Native American Hip Hop Artist SUPAMAN, Wind River Dancers, DJ Ben Davis, DJ Dragonfly, LAPA, Michael Sky, Abby Webster, Walker Williams Band, The Columbia Jones Band and many more.
Our first independent file was in 2020 with The Women of White Buffalo.


We are building a nonprofit from the ground up, with limited resources and a big vision for what it can be. Please support our mission by donating as little as $5/month or by making a one time donation today!